NEXUS projectes offers turkey development of solutions and parts based on the particular advantages of composite materials:

  • Strength / weight
  • Stiffness / weight
  • Durability vs. fatigue
  • Durability vs. corrosion
  • Freedom of geometry
  • Properties at low temperatures
  • Geometrical stability
  • Biocompatibility
  • Rx Permeable

NEXUS Projectes integrally covers all the development and production cycle for small series:


Composite based products are unconventional solutions. Nexus projectes can counsel on how to benefit from the advantages of these materials, validate which applications are suitable for this technology and how to optimize its use.


The complete development of a composite part includes not just the generation of a 3D model but also the study and definition of the best lay-up and the production method to be used and a virtual validation of the product performance.


Nexus Projectes has the capacity to build small series using the technologies of hand lay up, filament winding and RTM.

  • Clean room for Pre-preg lay up
  • 280ºC Oven 3.000×3.000×2.000mm
  • 280ºC Autoclave D=2.500xL=6.000mm, 7bar
  • Finish workshop
  • Paint cabin
  • Crane bridge of 2Tn and 5 Tn
  • Test benches