About Nexus

A legacy of perfection and technical durability

Our History

At Nexus, craftsmanship and technology come together to create exceptional pieces in the field of composite materials. Since our foundation in 2006, we have developed and produced unique projects, positioning ourselves today as a prominent Tier1.
We began our journey focusing on the production of short series and prototypes. Today, we operate skillfully in three fundamental areas: the design and manufacturing of tools and molds, prototype manufacturing, and lean manufacturing-based serial production.
Beyond the manufacturing process, in collaboration with Btech Group and a team of over 400 engineers, we provide comprehensive solutions from development and prototyping to production, mold manufacturing, and machining.
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Composite Materials
for Excellence

At the core of our processes are composite materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, quartz, or aramid, among others. We transform these materials from their primal form into rigid solids using advanced technologies.

Specialized Processes

We create unique prototypes and pieces designed for serial production using techniques such as prepreg with autoclave and manual laminating of prepreg cured in an autoclave. From meticulous raw material acquisition to curing, each phase of our process is executed with a rigorous commitment to quality and the continuous pursuit of aesthetic perfection.

Our priority:

Ensuring quality and excllence in every piece

Cutting-edge Applications

Our expertise finds its place in sectors such as automotive, especially in the manufacturing of luxury cars and hypercars. However, the possibilities with this lightweight, resistant, and perfectly finished material are manifold. Our focus is on the pursuit of excellence and optimal performance, whether in panels, parts for robot handling, terrestrial or maritime telecommunication elements, or exoskeletons for the healthcare sector.

Comprehensive Commitment

At Nexus, we not only manufacture parts but collaborate closely with our clients in all phases of the product, from conception to final production. Our extensive experience in aerospace, industrial, automotive, medical, and naval sectors allows us to offer customized solutions, leveraging the unique advantages that composite materials provide.

Sustainable Innovation

Our commitment to sustainable innovation is reflected in the constant evolution of our company. This positions us solidly to face the future with confidence, maintaining our position as leaders in the field of composite materials.