Environmental policy

A Sustainable Environmental Commitment

In our efforts to minimize impact, we monitor our activities to prevent pollution and reduce adverse effects. We strictly adhere to environmental legislation and strive for continuous improvement. Through the implementation and maintenance of an ISO 14001:2015-based management system, we cultivate environmental awareness at all levels of the organization, extending it to our suppliers as well.

At Nexus, every action significantly contributes to our sustainable environmental commitment.

Our Environmental Commitment

Enduring Quality

Under the highest quality standards, we create parts designed to last and minimize the need for frequent replacements. We avoid waste by ensuring that each piece is manufactured with just the right amount of material needed for a perfect finish.

Towards Sustainability

We align our practices with sustainable principles and seek to reduce the environmental footprint, contributing to the preservation of our valuable natural resources.

Environmental Control

We monitor the impact of our activities to prevent pollution, implementing necessary measures to reduce any adverse effects on the environment.

Legal and Environmental Commitment

We commit to strict compliance with applicable environmental legislation and adhere to recommendations or voluntary standards that surpass these requirements.

Environmental Proactiveness

We demonstrate a continuous ability to detect deviations and act proactively, anticipating creative actions to mitigate environmental impacts.

Effective Management

We implement and maintain a management system based on ISO 14001:2015, assuming commitments and regulatory requirements to ensure an effective approach to environmental management.

Responsible Collaboration

We work with our suppliers and contractors to promote awareness, control, and reduction of pollutants in their processes.

Environmental Awareness

We foster environmental awareness among all collaborators, sensitizing them about the importance of the environment. We enhance responsibility at all levels of the organization to ensure compliance with Environmental Management System (EMS) requirements.

Environmental Transparency

We ensure that stakeholders are aware of our environmental policy, objectives, and commitments through clear and transparent communication.

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